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With more than 35 years of experience, Pic-SureDay is a smart choice when it comes to your school pictures. You will treasure your photos when you work with Pic-Sure Day because of high quality photgraphers and creative professional images.

We perform photography services in schools throughout the area. At PicSure Day, we provide you with "Proofs on the Spot" on a postage-prepayed envelope during your session, so you don't have to collect money for weeks on end. We take a number of shots that highlight the unique personalities of each of your students.

Mark Bakic, Owner

our services

Capture quality portraits with the services from Pic-SureDay. Our team creates a fun environment to highlight the essence of your students.

Easy Ordering

All proofs are printed that day on an order form. You won't have to chase down parents who need to pay for their photos. Our services make life easier for teachers and office staff members.

"Proof on the Spot" Technology

Because you can see your picture as soon as it is taken, you'll never have to schedule another retake day. Unlike all other companies, we provide a proof as soon as we take the shot for the teachers' review.

Quality Prints

We use the old-fashioned chemical process on Kodak paper for our photos. This ensures quality pictures that last longer.


From image CDs to stickers, we offer a number of products that allow you to display your shots. Our team takes individual and class group photos. Faculty and staff members receive complimentary individual and classroom pictures.

Fixing Photos

We are dedicated to capturing a beautiful image that highlights every member of the class. If you need us to fix your image, we can edit your photo. 

Paying for Service

There are no fees for us to take photos in your school. As matter of fact, PicSure Day has shared hundreds of thousands of dollars with schools just like yours! After direct expenses, we share the profit with our partner schools.

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